Nature Poetry
with Creswell Crags

Starting on 1st June 2020!

Welcome to Nature Poetry with Creswell Crags – a four week online course of poetry workshops, designed to get you writing about the great outdoors!

To get started, click on the button above to watch an introductory video, or pick one of the icons below to jump to a specific week.

This course is free, but if you can, we would appreciate a donation! Creswell Crags is an independent charity, and has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are asking for a suggested donation of £5, if you can. Please see the bottom of every page for a link to donate!

A robin on a mossy wall

Week One – Available Now

Nature Poetry and Attention

An introduction to nature poetry, freewriting, and the importance of observation.

A path through some trees

Week Two – Available Now

Nature Poetry and Walking

A session on the relationship between poetry and walking, and how the form of a poem can capture the experience of a walk.

A small rodent skull on black cloth

Week Three – Available Now

Poetry and the Museum Artefact

An introduction to poetry inspired by museums, archaeology and heritage.

A blue sky with black birds

Week Four – Available Now

Poetry and the Climate Emergency

A workshop about writing nature poetry in the 21st century, and the challenge of writing in a time of climate emergency.

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